Motorboats and dinghys for every need

Marinatour provides 10 fiberglass motorboats and 2 dinghys for boat rental without boat license.


Marinatour has a little fleet of fiberglass motorboats model Fisherman, that can be used without boat license (you just need to be minimum 18 years old).They can be rented also only for ½ day, depending on the availability. It is suggested to make a reservation in time, mostly in high season. For week or month rentals will be applied discounts.


Besides motorboats, Marinatour offers also 2 dinghys model Predator 540 with maximum capacity for 6 people that can be used without boat license if older than 18. Customers can this way choose between two different kind of boats for the rent. The fares are the same as those of the fiberglass boats, and the same discount policies will be applied for long term rentals.

For further information about rentals, please call this number: (+39) 0781 85 41 10

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